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Hudson Yards, NYC

As one of the world's greatest media and entertainment companies, storytelling has always been at the heart of Warner Media. That's why, when they invited Novo Arts to design an art program for their offices in Hudson Yards in New York City, it felt there was nothing more fitting than returning to the origins of the theatrical arts: Greek and Roman mythology. As a tribute to Dionysus, the god of theater, Homer, the epic poet, and the world of ancient storytelling, this program brought the archetypal narratives and personalities found in mythology to life through a variety of powerful visual and sculptural vignettes.

The collaboration resulted in a vibrant art program featuring sixteen theatrical vignettes in a variety of scales and mediums that each tell the story of a different god, goddess, or myth. The pieces are inspired by a range of styles and time periods (everything from contemporary comic books and Christo's wrappings to conceptual art) and the design and mediums, often including repurposed materials, were custom chosen for each piece in means of capturing the unique essence of each mythological character they portray.

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