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Novo Arts was established by Marlaina Deppe in New York City in 1975 with the mission of making fine art accessible to all. Over forty-five years later, our philosophy of "Art for Everyone" remains strongly intact. As a leading fine

arts consultation and fabrication firm, we are always striving to push creative limits by inventing new visual art

programs that respond to both current design trends and custom client identities and interests.

WELCOME TO THE NOVO ARTS WORLD- we are excited to have you here. 

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At Novo Arts, we have the unique ability to offer both a Fine Arts Curation Program, that sources art from the market, and an in-house Studio Production Program, that fabricates original custom fine art works. These two programs can be used exclusively or together, and this is one of the unique offerings that sets our firm apart from other visual consulting groups. Together, our office and studio teams work collaboratively with architects, designers and our clients to understand and connect our clients' visions with exceptional customized visual solutions. 









Over the past forty five years, Novo Arts has provided creative services to over 2000 clients in hospitality, residential, corporate, and healthcare spaces. We work both domestically and internationally with clients all over the world. In every project, we pride ourselves in understanding client culture and being able to enhance environments with inspirational and exciting works that engage the viewer and enforce our clients' branding narratives.


As a New York City-based firm, Novo Arts participates in various organizations within the design, architectural, and real estate communities both in the state of New York and internationally. Some of these organizations include the AIA, CoreNet, IIDA, IFMA, NEWH, WPEO and WBENC. Novo Arts additionally extends its services into the non-profit community by donating art to local organizations such as women's shelters and senior living communities, and by supporting our clients interests in re-position their art assets in a philanthropic manner. 

Our Studio Program was developed to offer original custom art at a fraction of typical market value. Designed for the client who wants to maximize a minimal budget, the program provides customized solutions to suit any taste and budget. Our studio team is composed of a group of professionally trained visuals artists: graphic designers, illustrators, painters, photographers, sculptors, carpenters,  and art installers, all sharing the philosophy that dynamic collaboration and cross fertilization result in the most successful creations. 

Our Fine Arts Consultancy and Curation Program sources art from the external market for our clients. Our art curators and consultants collaborate with galleries, auctions, and local and international emerging and mid-level independent artists to source existing works that will fit your budget and enhance the designed space. Our intent is to communicate the value of art for any environment, synthesizing the interests of the business and fine art communities. Behind this consultancy and curation program, is a highly-skilled team of project managers and art administrators.
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