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Los Angeles, CA

The Viacom Hollywood headquarters occupying Kilroy Realty Corporation’s Columbia
Square features an expansive art program designed to encourage collaboration, creativity, and innovation.
The space is adorned with over 100 works of art that take inspiration from this design goal. Using a bold rainbow color palette and innovation as a central theme, we designed customized works in a variety of scales and mediums to reflect Viacom’s company culture. Repurposed material is a prominent component of the art program, bringing creativity to the walls of the Hollywood space. Repurposed egg cartons, ping pong balls, rubber tubing, crinkled canvas, used books, wine corks, and recycled pepsi cans are just some of the unusual materials used to transform the space.
Another innovative and eco-friendly method of fabrication used for this project was Novo Arts’ Ekko Mural initiative. These custom, site specific, hand-painted murals are applied using an environmentally-friendly, scent-free, and organic paint. The murals are more durable than other wall coverings, providing a smart alternative to printed vinyl or traditional paint. Photography, laser cut aluminum, painted wood, print on plexi, original paintings, and wire sculpture were also incorporated to reflect the variety and modernity of Viacom’s major brands such as MTV, Comedy Central, BET, VH1, Spike, TV Land, CMT and Logo.

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