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Philadelphia, PA

In early 2021, Novo Arts was enlisted by Spark Therapeutics to collaborate on their branding strategy through the strategic addition of dimensional fine art pieces in their new Philadelphia Headquarters. Spark Therapeutics is a gene therapy company focused on discovering, developing and delivering gene therapies to challenge debilitating genetic diseases. Their new HQ interiors were exquisitely designed by Jacobs Engineering Group, and now feature an expansive art program that fuses art and branding to highlight the science of gene therapy. Using fine arts as a vehicle to represent scientific research, Novo Arts utilized a variety of artistic mediums to both reflect the company’s research-base mission statement and to strategically brand Spark Therapeutics as a leader in its scientific industry.
Gene Therapy is all about discovering magical interconnections within human biology, and many of the custom-designed artworks relate to that. Genie in a Test Tube symbolically refers to the experimental nature of gene therapy, by showcasing a variety of different colorful materials in test tubes. Microscopic Magic incorporates recycled microscopes and molecules in a variety of colors to magnify the magical dynamic of the cell functions. It is installed on a mirrored substrate, which doubles the image and this magic with its reflection. Egging on Digital Science is a mega-installation featuring a stacking of egg crates in a pyramid format. Colored ping pong balls symbolize the eggs of new life, and the new potentials in gene therapy. This work speaks of the enmeshment of science with digital technology.
Much of Spark’s research focuses on the brain. With that in mind, Brainiac is an assemblage of books installed onto a brain-shaped substrate to represent the squiggly matter on the surface of the brain. Destined to Connect features a favorite Spark quote, “99% of our genetic makeup is the same: focus on what connects us, not divides us” hand painted on traditional script on top a collection of glued open biology books. The remainder of the space features interludes of artistic visual relaxation, moving off the subject of science, with the placement of large scale abstract paintings.

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