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New York, NY

This beautiful art program was installed at Sentinel Capital's new office at One Vanderbilt in Manhattan. Sitting on the 53rd floor, the office features elegant interiors by Gensler featuring open-concept design, natural light and extraordinary views of the Manhattan skyline. Surrounded by floor to ceiling windows, every room offers sweeping views of the city with the Chrysler building as a focal point in the reception area.
The Sentinel team favored a modernist art style, which is inspired by cubist, geometric and De Stilj works. With this in mind, Novo Arts designed a multi-media modern art program introducing a variety of paintings and wall sculptures to compliment the office's extraordinary interiors. In order to distinguish this office from the typical corporate environment, we focused in particular on colorful and captivating 3D designs, built from a wide range of styles and materials.
In the office library, a custom designed wooden sculpture inspired by the De Stijl movement features hand cut, stained, painted wood assembled in a precise, bold and cohesive fashion. Across the room from the De Stijl sculpture, a large-scale multi-colored acrylic painting and a circular, welded metal sculpture harmonize with the straight lines of the wooden construct. One of the Sentinel conference rooms features a wooden modernist sculpture composed of organic and boldly defined shapes layered on top of each other. On the other side of the conference room, a classical modernist painting with clean, straight lines adheres to the space's clean and modern aesthetic.
Inspired by the views of the skyline, Novo installed an abstract, modern cityscape wall sculpture for the office's entryway. The intense blue of this sculpture echoes the panorama of the surrounding buildings, with small squares of white mimicking light coming through a window. In keeping with Sentinel's dedication to geometric form, Novo Arts produced a colorful high-gloss grid of multi-colored blocks that have a playful impact on their open workspace. Finally, a laser cut aluminum wall sculpture adds a sleek and contemporary feel to the space, contrasting the more dominant wooden wall sculptures throughout the rest of the office.

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